Met dept warns Sindh govt of heat wave from today

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has warned the Sindh Government of a possible increase in heat stroke cases on Friday.

The Met Department on Thursday issued its first warning about a possible heat wave that is expected to strike the coastal city in coming days.

According to the meteorological department, Karachi is likely to witness an increase in the intensity in temperature. Day temperature will gradually increase on Friday, ranging from 38°C to 40°C, and is predicted to continue till Sunday.

Citizens have been advised to stay indoors and not venture out in the sun unnecessarily. The Met department has asked citizens to increase their intake of water to prevent a heat stroke.

Sea breeze will temporarily stop blowing and it will start attaining normal level from Wednesday next week.

Meanwhile, warm and dry air from North and North-West will move toward Karachi, the Met department said, adding that the Sindh government and the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) have been informed about it.

The Met department also advised people to take precautions while going out during April 22-24. The director health services imposed emergency in all KMC-administered hospitals.

The brutal heatwave last summer claimed over 1,000 lives. It had coincided with the holy month of Ramzan, drastically increasing the number of heatstroke victims.

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