cold winter

Mercury dips as chilly winds grip twin cities

ISLAMABAD: Already overwhelmed with freezing wind normally blowing from northern side of the country, the twin cities are further chilled with foggy conditions particularly at night and early morning in the recent days.

Strong icy wind continues invading the twin cities and then fog dropped down rapidly at night to further add to the woes of masses already in discomfort due to low gas pressure or its complete absence.

A housewife Humna Bakir said, “It is too cold out there as the sun could not manage to show its face on Sunday. Gas pressure has further dipped and now only warm clothes are being used to prevent children from cold.” Cooking had become a herculean task and most of the time ready-made food is being brought from the market, she added.

The strange thing happened this season has been that fog has gripped the Pothohar region and plains of KPK as well in contrast to the trend of nearly blinding fog affecting the plain areas of Punjab only.

A Met department official said, “Normally the phenomenon of fog continues in the plains of Punjab and KPK for almost the whole of January but fog in Pothohar region is something unusual.”

With fluctuations in gas supply for domestic use, the priority for people in the wake of plunging temperatures is to keep themselves warm through usual activities associated with winter like devouring lots of good, vitamin-rich food and taking to outdoor picnics and get-togethers also continued at the same time.

Flight schedules of airlines are also being hit due to foggy conditions at almost all the airports of Punjab and federal capital.

The chances of accidents also increase as the motorists have to adopt extra precautionary measures to drive safely in foggy conditions.

An official of traffic police Saeed Ahmad said that drivers should use fog lights besides travelling at a minimum speed to avoid accidents in these conditions.

Meanwhile, the motorway police have also advised people to avoid unnecessary travelling on the motorways and highways particularly at night as dense fog drops down the visibility level to 20-30 meter only.

The current inclement weather has also posed some health implications as the doctors have warned that if proper precautions are not taken, there are chances of contracting flu, fever, cough or sore throat.

“People should wear more and more warm dresses and cover themselves properly in these conditions,” said Dr Qurat Fatima, a medical officer at a government hospital.

She suggested that boiled egg with milk could is an excellent food supplement in winter season.

The weather experts believe that change in climate patterns is behind the foggy conditions in Pothohar region and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) areas. Meanwhile, the met department has forecasted that the current wave of dry, cold and foggy weather will persist for the next 24 hours.

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