Mayfair flats purchased through public’s money: Imran

BAGH:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan addressed a rally in Bagh on Monday and lambasted the government over various pertinent issues, reported NeoNews.Khan said that the people of Kashmir have faced many hardships in the past, adding that the whole region cannot be at peace until the issue of Kashmir gets resolved. He said that Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif instead of raising voice for the people of Kashmir is doing business with the Indians. He stated that he stands with the people of Kashmir and will raise voice for them on every forum.PTI chairman said that the first institution that shall be improved in Azad Kashmir shall be the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), adding that there shall be justice for all and no discrimination shall be made. He stated that the Mayfair flats in the United Kingdom were purchased through the public s money. He added that the condition of institutions within the country has to be improved. He further said that a thief cannot do accountability of another thief.

He said that those who destroy institutions cannot improve them, adding that the West is advanced than Pakistan as the countries there provide numerous benefits to the people and the decisions there are made on the basis of merit. He stated that a great portion of money in Great Britain is spent upon public welfare.He said that the country will prosper when money is spent for the betterment of people. Imran Khan said that Pakistan has been blessed with many weathers and numerous natural resources which are not evenavailable to many advanced countries. He said that countries like Germany and Japan were devastated after the Second World War but they recovered as they made the right choices.


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