Mastermind of Sri Lankan cricket team attack killed in Afghanistan

LAHORE:Mastermind of Sri Lankan cricket team attack in 2009 was killed on Sunday in National Army’s search operation in Afghanistan.Afghan National Army and NATO forces conducted an operation early morning in Surobi district of Paktika province.

The mastermind Qari Ajmal was killed during the operation whereas his three accomplices including TTP Hakeemullah group’s Nasir Wazeer were detained.

Qari Ajmal wasa resident of Punjab and belong to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group.One week before, TTP Khalid Sajna group’s spokesperson Azam Farooq was killed alongwith his son Irfan.

In August, three terrorists suspected of being behind the attack were killed by Lahore police during a shootout.

In June, six members of a banned outfit were indicted in the case by an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC). The suspects included Obaidullah, Javed Anwar, Ibrahim Khalil, Abdul Wahab, Zubair and Adnan Arshad. The first three suspects are on bail, while others were behind bars.

The Sri Lankan cricket team was travelling by bus when at least 10 gunmen fired at them in March 2009 at Liberty Chowk, near Qaddafi Stadium on March 3, 2009 with rifles, grenades and rockets, wounding six players and a British coach and killing eight Pakistanis.

Most international cricket tours to Pakistan were subsequently cancelled and the country was forced to play all its “home” games in the United Arab Emirates.

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