Mark Zuckerberg trolled for ‘smiling display picture’ in support of France

Washington:  With all positive intentions Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday got trolled for his insensitive profile picture in support of France.

On the eve of Saturday, the Facebook CEO changed his Facebook display picture in support of France captioned as “Change your profile picture to support France and the people of Paris”.

The picture was coloured with France’s flag.

But weirdly, Zuckerberg was smiling in the new picture.

“Look at that smile. Is Mark an Isis member? I mean how the hell can you throw such a huge smile in solidarity with a country which’s been attacked by Isis?” posted a user.

“Mark ur solidarity for France must be appreciated. We also condemn the dastardly attack on paris. But a small request pls change ur laughing buddha type pic” posted another user in Mark’s comment box.

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