Republican Presidential Candidates Address 2015 Family Leadership Summit

Majority sees Trump winning nomination

WASHINGTON: A 56 per cent of registered voter in America now believe that Donald Trump will win Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential elections, shows a new poll released on Tuesday.

Mr Trump, a billionaire who preys on people’s fears to win them over, also hit a new high in the race for nomination as 4 in 10 Republican voters now back his quest for the White House.

Republican voters, who participated in the poll, also rated terrorism as the most important issue in considering a candidate for president, 49 percent called it extremely important outpacing the share calling the economy, government spending or illegal immigration as central to their vote.

Mr Trump uses strong anti-Muslim rhetoric while outlining his strategy for combating terrorism and wants to stop all Muslims from visiting the US.

Mr Trump has now more than doubled his support base against his nearest competitor Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who scored 19 per compared to 41 per for Mr Trump. No other candidate hit double digits.

Mr Trump leads among both men and women, and younger and older voters. He is also popular among white evangelicals, conservatives and declared Republicans and independents.

Sixty per cent say he is the best suited to improve the US economy. He also has a 55 per to 16 per edge on handling illegal immigration.

About one-third of Republicans say Mr Trump is the candidate who “best represents Republican values”.

But in hypothetical general election, Mr Trump appears to fare slightly worse than either Mr Cruz or Florida Senator Marco Rubio when matched up against Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.


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