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Main suspect Waseem strangled her sister Qandeel Baloch, confirms polygraph tests

MULTAN: It is confirmed in the polygraph tests of the two primary suspects that Qandeel Baloch’s brother Waseem had strangled her.

The results from the polygraph tests of primary suspects in Qandeel Baloch murder case, her cousin Haq Nawaz and brother Waseem, indicated that there was no contradiction in the statements recorded by the witnesses.

According to the polygraph test results, suspect Waseem had strangled Qandeel Baloch while Haq Nawaz grabbed her legs. Qandeel was unable to resist since she had been drugged and was unconscious, as a result. Both suspects sent Abdul Basit, the taxi driver, to the hotel on a pretext.

Qandeel Baloch was murdered in July by her brother allegedly in Multan. Her brother Waseem had confessed to killing his sister and claimed that he had done it for honour. Mufti Abdul Qavi, who had also been nominated in the murder of the slain model and social media personality, had gone into hiding, according to police.

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