Lyari: 13 injured in Singo Lane cracker attack, culprit manages to escape

Karachi: Cracker attack in Singo Lane Lyari on Sunday has left 13 injured while according to the police the incident took place near Uzair Baloch’s house but it was not the prime target, reported NeoNews.

The injured people include 2 women and 1 one girl who have been shifted to civil hospital.The area was rocked with the blast breaking glasses of nearby buildings. Heavy contingent police reached the scene in no time and stated that the attacker also got injured while officers are searching him down.

On the other hand, Inspector General of Police (SP) has taken strict notice of the attack and has directed Additional IG to submit detailed and comprehensive report regarding cracker attack and security deployment of zonal police stations.

According to a statement by spokesperson Sindh Police, IG Sindh said that security should be made effective with firm measures in order to secure citizens. All mosques, imambargahs, shrines, worship places of minorities, public places and gatherings, amusement parks, Sea View, fast food restaurants, shoppingcenters, key government and private buildings, offices, airports, railways stations and sensitive installations should be secured taking unusual precautionary measures.

He directed DIG South that cooperating with the relevant institution, victims of the blast should be provided with every possible compensation on every grounds including quality medical treatment.


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