Lowest corruption in KP as per PILDAT survey, says Imran Khan

PTI Chief Imran Khan said that this nation would not easily forget revelations of Panama Leaks and they would seek answers now. There was lowest corruption in KP as compared to other provinces as per PILDAT survey.

Addressing the media persons, Imran Khan said, “PTI led KP govt has empowered the institutions. I challenge Shahbaz Sharif and the new CM Sindh to take same steps that we’re taking in KP. Pervez Khattak never interfered in bureaucracy and police and have devolved down powers so he should be appreciated for that. We’re going to pass a Police Act/Order 2016 to legally cover the de-politicization of police.”

“No one will be allowed to violate the party rules as we’re going to launch movement for accountability. There’re two MNAs who’ve violated the party rules & regulations so I am making a committee to investigate the matter,” he said adding, “I know KP people have sacrificed a lot and have also been hospitable to the immigrants. I’m going to make a committee under Rustam Sham Mehmand so that no injustice is being done to Afghan immigrants. There’s an impression that crime rate is increasing due to Afghan immigrants. I want to say that no one wants to leave their homes like afghan immigrants.”

Imran Khan said, “Remember the Madrassah reforms have been failed in the Musharraf era but I’m happy that we’ve signed an MoU now. We’re going to introduce Madrassah reforms. Its part of our manifesto to integrate the Madrassahs into mainstream & reintegrate them into modern education. We’ve signed an MoU with Haqqania Madrassah & will make it public as there was huge objection on funding to this madrassah.”

“We’re going to bring reforms in the lower judiciary so that people’s small issues can be quickly resolved. All the hiring will be done via NTS system across the board,” he added.

Khan said, “Galiyaat Development Authority is going to be established & will be extended tto Kaghan. The CM house & speaker house of Nathiya Gali will also be going under Galiyat Development Authority for rental services. From now onwards, the CM house Peshawar will be open to use by the investors and the highest taxpayers.”

“A new Ehtisab commission law is going to be passed from assembly soon, which will be more powerful than the previous. MPs will only be concentrating on the law making & we’ll review if the laws are being implemented or not,” he added.

“Administration powers have also been devolved down to the local government representatives. Village Councils have been made..So far the power has not been delegated to the LGE reps, but now after the implementation committee, 33 billion are distributed,” he added.

He said, “a provincial finance commission has been established. According to this PFC, discretionary funds are now eliminated. Funds will be distributed only on the district’s need basis and not on the discretion basis. No development funds will be given to the MPAs, from now onwards.”

“Billion Tree Tsunami is evident of the first time any government has taken responsibility of the coming generations. KP hospitals are being brought under an independent board system,” he added.


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