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Lion with teeth in its head found in US

A lion with a full set of teeth growing out of its head has reportedly been found in the US state of Idaho.

The male mountain lion was discovered by local man Tyler Olsen after it attacked his dog on his Weston property on December 30.

A conservation officer shot and killed the animal a few hours later, and was shocked to find the animal had what appeared to be teeth, hair and whiskers coming out of its left forehead.

“I did see that weird feature on its head, it was pretty strange,” Mr Olsen told East Idaho News.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game are adamant reports of the lion’s deformity are not a hoax, as some baffled biologists believed.

Department spokeswoman Jennifer Jackson said the teeth could be the remnants of a conjoined twin which died in the womb.

“We haven’t seen anything like this in our region,” Ms Jackson said.

Mountain lions, a native species of big cat, are relatively common in Idaho, and are often considered a nuisance, The Telegraph reports.


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