LHC orders rapist to pay Rs1mn compensation to ‘illegitimate’ child

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered a rapist to pay Rs1 million as compensation to a child born as a result of rape.The court issued a detailed verdict pertaining to the protection of children born after rape while hearing a mercy appeal submitted by the convict which was also dismissed by the court.The verdict said, “the minor baby girl born in result of crime committed by the appellant is ‘a person’ suffering mental anguish and psychological damage for her whole life, thus, she is entitled for the compensation provided under the law.”The court order directed “the appellant to pay a compensation of Rs10,00,000 (rupees one million) to the victim child and in case of default of payment of such compensation the appellant shall suffer further imprisonment for a period of six months.”Nadeem Masood had raped a woman of Sargodha in 2010, resulting in the birth of a baby girl. A sessions court had sentenced him to 20 years rigorous imprisonment in December 2012 and also ordered him to pay Rs100,000. The convict was also ordered to undergo six-month additional imprisonment in case he failed to pay the amount.DNA tests of Masood and the victim had been conducted before the conviction was issued.

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