LG polls : CM Punjab personally monitors law and order in 12 districts

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif personally monitored the steps taken for maintaining law and order situation in 12 districts of the province for the second phase of local government (LG) elections.

In this regard, he also issued necessary instructions to the provincial cabinet committee on law and order so that the second phase of LG polls should end in a peaceful manner. The chief minister gave instructions to the cabinet committee to ensure implementation of steps for peaceful holding of LG polls and ban on carrying and display of weapons.

He also issued instructions with regard to indiscriminate action against those involved in firing. Shahbaz directed the cabinet committee to ensure supremacy of law and justice in the province.

While giving clear-cut instructions, the chief minister said that he would not tolerate incidents of aerial firing for victory celebrations and the police should take precautionary measures for eradicating incidents of aerial firing.

Shahbaz directed that indiscriminate action should be taken against the winning candidates and their supporters on aerial firing and effective implementation on law of ban on firing and display of firearms be ensured. The chief minister remained busy in this regard till late at night.


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