Lenovo Dominates 4G Market Segment

Jakarta:Chinese technology company Lenovo is more confident it will lead the 4G smartphone market as it aleady has 4G products throughout all segment.Based on the data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), Lenovo became the market leader of 4G smartphone segment for three consecutive quarters.“In Q3 2015, we managed to achieve a market segment of 19.6 percent, up from Q2 of 19.2 percent,” 4P Manager MBG Lenovo Indonesia Anvid Erdian said in Jakarta on Tuesday, Dec 8.“We are proud to be the primary vendor in the 4G smartphone segment and have been in the market business since 2014, when numerous vendors still remain in the 3G smartphone market.”

Lenovo released its official 4G LTE service by telecommunication operators in Indonesia, following the completion of frequency refarming for 4G LTE conducted by the Communications and Communications Ministry along with other providers.“We support the government in migrating to 4G.  4G LTE market is imperative as the telecommunication industry is heading towards 4G technology, therefore, we as a device vendor responded quickly,” said Anvid.Anvid said by introducing 4G products earlier, Lenovo products are more qualified than its competitors.Since the launch of 4G service trial phase from Indonesian telecommunications at the end of 2014, Lenovo has a complete 4G product line, whether in the high-end, middle-end, and low-end segment.  On the high-end segment, Lenovo has VIBE S1.

Lenovo VIBE Shot and Lenovo VIBE X2 and in the middle-end segment, Lenovo has VIBE P1m, S60, P70, LIVO (S90) and in the low-end segment it has the A2010, A6010, A7000 Special Edition, A7000 and A6000.  We have an abundant choice for the 4G smartphone as we target all segments,” said Lenovo Indonesia Marketing Miranda Vania Warokka.


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