Lal Masjid cleric moves SC for Sharia in country

ISLAMABAD: Red Mosque cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz on Thursday filed a writ petition in Supreme Court for the imposition of Sharia in the country.

The petition asked for amending the constitution, if needed, for the early promulgation of Sharia and added that the government is violating Article 5 of the Constitution by no imposing Sharia. In his petition, Abdul Aziz stated that the articles related to Islam in the constitution should be immediately implemented along with the recommendation of Islamic Ideology Council. President, National Assembly speaker, Islamic Ideology Council chairman and all the four governors were made respondents in the petition filed by Maulana Abdul Aziz through his counsel, Advocate Tariq Asad.

“The state of Pakistan was founded on a specific conviction and an ideology which means there would be a state where Muslims should have full opportunity to live according to their faith and creed, the resources and environment to promote Islamic polity and civilisation as that was its sole purpose as was explained in the two-nation theory, stated the petition. It further stated that the people of Pakistan are facing acute problems like political instability, corruption, economic crisis, identity crisis, legitimacy crisis, leadership crisis, decay of partnership among the federation and units, corruption in anti-corruption agencies, insecurity, anti-state foreign policy, lack of transparency in public budgets and the people of Pakistan are suffering as their fundamental rights are being violated particularly Article 9.


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