KP robbed off 600MW daily by the central Govt,says Khatak

PESHAWAR – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has alleged that the federal government is ‘stealing’ 600 megawatt electricity of the province on daily basis, giving a 10-day deadline to resolve this issue.KP government would not remain silent on this issue, KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak told a 30-member delegation of Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) here on Saturday.

“We will not allow anyone to usurp our rights. Our government will go to any extent for the achievement of our rights,” Khattak said.

The chief minister also warned to draw his future line of action against Pesco (Peshawar Electricity Supply Company) if the federal government did not solve the problem within 10 days.

He said the federal government was usurping rights of the smaller provinces and the rulers (at Centre) should understand that such policies would harm the federation. He vowed to stop the federal government and ‘irresponsible’ rulers from continuing ‘unconstitutional’ actions.

The CM said the federal government was ‘joking’ with his province since long, but they would not tolerate such ‘dramas’ anymore. “We know how to fight for our rights and we also know how to achieve our rights,” Pervez Khattak said.

Enumerating his government’s achievements, the chief minister said that they had established good governance, ended the outdated rotten system and made the rulers and bureaucrats accountable by adopting Conflict of Interest Bill, Right to Information Bill and Whistle Blowers Act.

“There will be rule of law and no one can misuse the province’s resources and authority,” he added.

Khattak said that they would not tolerate corrupt elements and that’s why these laws had been enforced in the larger interest of the people with collective wisdom.

He said the people would get relief and justice after the introduction of good governance, as the public office holders would take decisions on merit and institutions would get depoliticised.

The CM observed that the elite and bureaucrats were hurdles in the way of the change they wanted to bring. Nevertheless, he said, they have succeeded in putting the institutions on right track by cleaning them of ‘dirt’ (corruption) and making them active and effective for the welfare of the people.

“I was a minister in the previous government. I was impressed with Imran Khan’s slogan of change and supported Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief and became an active member of his movement,” he recalled.

He said that countries which got good leaders have progressed. He observed that Pakistan has enough resources and its leaders should not behave like beggars.

Pervez Khattak said that his province has initiated Swat Expressway project of worth Rs40 billion from its own resources. It, he said, would not only connect the central districts with the northern districts but also promote tourism in the province and create job opportunities.

He said they have reformed police through proper legislation and administrative measures making the law enforcement force professional and apolitical. This, he said, has improved the system and reduced crime rate. He said his government was not interfering in police matters, but it did not mean they had no check and balance system for police.

The chief minister said they had not only made police professional but also made them more accountable. They, he said, had also established safety commission at provincial, divisional and district level to keep an eye on police performance.


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