‘Knife attacker’ says hurting women gave him peace

RAWALPINDI: The suspect behind the Rawalpindi knife attacks claimed on Friday that attacks on women gave him satisfaction and peace.

Suspect Muhammad Ali had been arrested by police a couple of days ago in connection with the infamous Rawalpindi knife attacks. The suspect confessed to being the one who stabbed women and claimed that the act of injuring women gave him satisfaction.

The suspect cited reasons such as his failed love affair and frequent ill-treatment from his step-mother which made him hate women in general. During his remand, the suspect disclosed to the police that he never intended to kill any woman. Muhammad Ali also stated that he had acted alone and without any accomplice.

“Hurting women gave my heart peace,” he said.

As many as 32 women had been stabbed in three weeks in February. Six months later, the attacks started again as women who ventured outside their house after dark started getting knifed. One woman, a nurse succumbed to her wounds and died as a result of the attack.

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