Kidney-selling racket busted in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: An International racket involved in kidney-selling has been arrested in Rawat, area of Rawalpindi.

According to the details, the racket has been arrested during a raid at an illegal Kidney center located in Phase-7 of Rawalpindi’s Rawat area.

4 members of the racket have been apprehended during the raid. Rawalpindi’s two renowned doctors, drivers and agents are involved in this vicious trade.

24 men and 5 women have also been recovered in the raid.

According to the sources, a private clinic was involved in the heinous business that forced poor people to sell their kidneys for money. The racket sells kidneys in Pakistan and other countries.

CPO Rawalpindi Israr Khan Abbasi announced reward for the raiding team for conducting a successful operation. Police investigations are underway.


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