Khursheed Shah announces raising privatization of PIA issue in National Assembly

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah on Tuesday criticized current privatization and economic policies of the government.Speaking in National Assembly, Khursheed Shah said being representative of the public and opposition parties he was not satisfied with the government’s reply regarding conversion of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) into a company as well as its justification for imposing Rs 40 billion new taxes without taking the Parliament into confidence.The PPP leader said his party was ready to stand by the government shoulder-to-shoulder on important national issues but the government must bring such issues in the Parliament.Shah went on to say that making budget out of the Parliament is not appropriate and if it was necessary to impose new taxes it should have been brought in the House.

He highlighted the importance of restoring confidence of investors in economic policies and providing them business friendly atmosphere.Shah said his party believed in supremacy of the Parliament and Constitution and wanted to see the green Pakistani flag high in the world with dignity and integrity.The opposition leader said inflation was very much interconnected with all issues including poverty, unemployment, education and health, adding that there should be focus on these issues instead of launching multi-billion development projects for specific areas.Demanding withdrawal of the presidential ordinance with regard to PIA and new taxes, Shah along with opposition parties boycotted the House proceeding.

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