Kheench Meri Photo: Mawra Hocane’s marvelous performance

Already being touted as Bollywood’s selfie anthem of 2016, “Kheench Meri Photo” has everyone applauding Mawra Hocane.

The video of the song was recently released and featured Mawra and Harshvardhan Rane shaking a leg to a vibrant song. As can be judged from the title of the track, it’s all about Mawra’s character urging her lover to capture a photo of her.

The music video features Mawra’s character Saru in a drunken state. Taking swigs of alcohol, the seemingly tame girl troubles Rane until no end with her bizarre, kooky acts. Rane’s character Inder has his hands full throughout the music video, trying to sort out the actress in her weird state.

Throughout the music video, Inder takes numerous pictures and selfies of the two, capturing the crazy moments on his cell phone. Generating quite the buzz on social media, Mawra’s sister Urwa Hocane did her best to hype up the release of the song’s music video with a Tweet.


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