Kate Winslet bans social media

After going against Photoshop now Kate Winslet says she and her husband Ned Rocknroll have banned social media in their house and because teenagers should be outside climbing trees or dancing in the rain.

In an interview with Jenni Murray on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, the mother-of-three explained her fears about the negative effects of relying on Instagram ‘likes’ to feel good despite Murray’s comments on this act that it’s ‘ironic’ she take such a stance while appearing in Steve Job, a film all about the godfather of technology.

The actress who has previously blamed Instagram for eating disorders in teenage girls, justified her decision explaining that no one in her house has ever used social media sites.

She said: “I don’t feel I need it and neither does my husband and as a consequence why would the children? They would only be having it because their friends have got it that not a reason to have anything. It’s just a trend and I don’t like following trends anyway.”

The Berkshire born actress has three children: Mia, 14, whose father is Extraordinary Rendition director Jim Threapleton, and whom she divorced in 2001 following a three-year marriage; Joe, 11, whose father is Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes and; Bear, 23 months with her with third and current husband Ned Rocknroll, born Smith.

Kate Winslet admitted the power of social media ‘scares me’ in an impassioned diatribe against sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

She said, “They (children) don’t need Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Children should be outside climbing trees and dancing in the rain, they just don’t need it.”

The actress added, “Self esteem for a teenager is everything, it’s huge, particularly, I think, for a teenage girl and if that girl is posting pictures of herself on her Instagram of how she did her hair or the way she did her make-up for an event or outfit she then will have her mood dictated entirely by how many likes or dislikes she got.



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