Kareena stands by Karisma during her divorce

Karisma Kapoor is undergoing an ugly divorce battle with her husband Sunjay Kapur and actor Kareena Kapoor Khan says that all she is focusing on is standing by her sister at this time.

Kareena says that she has been very guarded when it comes to talking about the issue and does not want to comment on anything that is happening in her life.

“It’s a difficult time for her and it is tough. I have never really spoken about it. I am very protective of my sister. I hold her with too much respect and regard. Whatever has been written about it or whatever has been said about her, both Karisma and I have never said anything, and I would like to always maintain that,” she told us.

Meanwhile, the actor was also recently in news for supporting co-actor Aamir Khan on his view of intolerance. Aamir was criticised last year for saying that his wife often tells him to leave the country due to the situation here; Kareena calls this a very natural concern. “That’s a very personal take. There is nothing wrong with people voicing their opinion. That’s just a feeling of concern. Tomorrow if I go out in the night, my mother will also worry. But his comment has been blown out of proportion. If someone says something, people have 500 opinions on it,” she says

The actor adds that this situation can be avoided if there is more emphasis given to education. “I would like to support literacy and education and I would like to spread awareness on that. The people who are acting like this are barbaric as they don’t have the ability to understand. For that, it’s important to be educated…that keeps you in check and keeps you grounded. They don’t go to school as some of them don’t have money to go to school, so they don’t have the calmness to think or understand an issue,” she says.

Kareena also talked about her style and the way she dresses herself. She said, “Honestly I don’t look at style as the way a lot of people do. I don’t look at it like as runway collections. I never looked at it like that,” she says, adding, “I feel that style is in my attitude and in my comfort or what I like. It’s in jeans and T-shirt. Style is in that as well. It’s not all about wearing the latest brands and turning up for an event. Sometimes I have to do it because of commitments. But whenever you see me off set, I am in kurta and jeans or comfort wear basically. That’s what style is. It’s not following the Paris Runways collection. My body doesn’t suit that.”

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