Kareena Kapoor Khan to sign film deal with Shoaib Mansoor

KARACHI: Bollywood Bebo, Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was reportedly offered by the Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor, is now ready to make the formal deal with the acclaimed Pakistani director in Dubai next week.Bebo will fly to Dubai next week to meet Shoaib Mansoor where she will review the formal script and sign the contract. Kareena Kapoor’s spokesperson has confirmed the news and that has been published on her official sit. The actress also tweeted that she is going to lock film deal with Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor.

It is mentioned on the official website of Kareena, “A few months ago, Mansoor had e-mailed his concept to Kareena, saying that she will have a powerful role in the film. She liked the idea but wanted to read the script before giving her nod to the film. She will be the first A-list actress to work in a Pakistani project.”

It is also said by the Kareena’s spokesperson, “Although Kareena has verbally accepted the offer, and she wants to hear the script. Past that, she will sign the deal. For a while now, she has been keeping an eye out for projects that will allow her to push the envelope and believes that Mansoor’s story is one of them.”

The actress will announce his willingness on Twitter after hearing the script from Shoaib Mansoor. She will also announce the name of the film.

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