Karachi police announce new laws for school vans

Karachi (Neo Web Desk) Karachi police announces new rules for school van and given two week time to implement the rules.

Announces the law for school vans, DIG Traffic Dr Amir Sheikh said the vans would be blue in colour and would be given special protocol in traffic laws.

DIG Traffic Amir Sheikh further said the responsibility of implementing these laws will lie with the administration of schools. He added those schools in violation will have their registration cancelled and sealed.

Following are the laws announced for school vans in Karachi:

Vans will not have a cylinder of any type and will only run on petrol or diesel.

It is illegal for a Suzuki pickup to operate as a school van

It is necessary for an attendant to be present in the school van

It is illegal for the school van to go to a petrol station with children onboard

Overcrowding the bus will not be allowed.

Playing music, smoking by the driver and attendant in the school van will not be allowed.

Action will be taking against those school vans which fail to meet the compliance date of August 21.



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