Justin Bieber apologises for storming off stage after one song in Norway

Hollywood: He said he was “done” and “I’m not doing the show” after performing one track during a TV recording in Oslo.In fan-filmed videos, Justin Bieber can be seen getting annoyed with people at the front of the stage while trying to wipe the floor.The singer later posted an apology on his Instagram account.He explained that it had “been a rough week” with “long days no sleep”.”I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting better,” he said.The 21-year-old told Newsbeat last week that growing up.

“You’re going to go through downfalls, you’re going to go through ups and downs.”It’s just how you rise to the occasion and just come out through the other side.”Justin Bieber’s on a hectic promotional tour at the moment ahead of the release of his new album Purpose on 13 November.In the past week he’s been in the UK, Spain, Italy and Norway.

He had also walked out of Radio interview while in Spain after the hosts asked him to help them make a video to “break the internet”.Bieber initially said “let’s do it” but then left the studio.The star has released the tracklisting for Purpose with a series of graffiti pictures from cities across the world, from Sydney to London.

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