Justice Wajihuddin membership suspended

Islamabad (Neo Web Desk) Chairman Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan suspended party membership of Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed, the chief election commissioner of the PTI’s intra-party elections.

Party sources said Wajihuddin’s membership was suspended for violating a notification from the PTI leadership issued the previous day warning members against publicly criticising party policy.

The former Supreme Court judge has been at loggerheads with the party’s top leadership and has criticised them for not taking measures to address allegations of irregularities in the intra-party polls.

The decision to suspend the senior leader’s membership comes a day after Khan warned PTI members that the basic membership of party leaders criticising the party’s policies in public would be cancelled.

A circular issued by the PTI central secretariat, bearing Imran’s signatures, asked party members to keep their discussions on party matters strictly within the party.

“The PTI is a democratic party and its members have the right to express their opinion within the party,” read the circular sent out to the party members.

“Subsequently, if any member goes public and challenges the party decisions, it is a serious breach of discipline and unacceptable,” it read.


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