Junaid Jamshed’s attacker arrested from Karachi

Religious scholar and televangelist, Junaid Jamshed was recently ambushed at an airport by attackers, who were claiming to serve justice to the former singer for uttering blasphemous words.

The incident took place at Benazir International Airport in Islamabad on 26th March, 2016, where Junaid Jamshed came under the attack of a few men, who beat him up after ambushing him. A video of the incident was released on social media, and in that video, the face of the attacker is clearly visible.

With the help of that video, the police were able to identify the person who beat Junaid Jamshed, and his name is Zainulabideen. A case against him was registered at the Airport Police Station in Islamabad. Since that time, the police were at a lookout for Zainulabideen and at last today, he was arrested from Karachi.

According to the details provided, Zainulabideen was arrested from PECHS, which is a popular residential area in Karachi. The police arrested him this morning from his home and he will be transferred to Islamabad, where the case was initially registered against him. In order to capture the culprit, a special team of policemen came from Islamabad.

Junaid Jamshed was attacked by a furious mob of young men, who claimed they are punishing him for uttering blasphemous words. The former singer received kicks and blows by these men, before being saved by an airport security officer, who took him back to the safety of the arrival lounge. In the video shared of the incident, Junaid Jamshed can be heard pleading the men for talking to him instead of turning to violence, but they paid no heed to his advice.

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