Judicial Commission to probe Panama Leaks allegations against Sharif family: PM

PM Nawaz Sharif has announced to constitute a high level Judicial Commission to probe Panama Leaks allegations against Sharif family under supervision of a retired judge of the Supreme Court.

In a televised speech, PM Nawaz said that some elements are trying to target his family to get their vested political interests. “I don’t have time to give clarifications & explanations to the age old allegations of corruption. Let the commission decide,” Nawaz asserted.

He said, “I was advised by my team not to come forward & clarify my position but I want to tell the truth to my nation.”

He further explained, “Corrupt people do not have assets on their name. I have never gone for corruptions, kick-backs & commissions. We have never gone for any plea bargain, even not during NRO.”

He revealed, “We started a foundry at Makkah and later we transferred our assets to London,”

When Musharraf took over powers, we were exiled and convicted. No allegations were proved and we came out with a clean record, he added.

In 1989 our cargo ship was barred from off-loading at Karachi port due to PPP govt meddling. That cargo was worth like 50 billions of today, he said.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto took over our entire business during his tenure in 70s. But my father made 6 more factories in the same time. My father started this foundry business even before the succession of East Pakistan, the PM stated.

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