Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and David Beckham get the UK’s vote for President

Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, have topped a poll of celebrities that British people believe would make trustworthy leaders – as well as former footballer David Beckham.

As the UK watch in horror and anticipation as the US presidential race unfolds, in an election which could see Hilary Clinton as America’s first ever female President, new research has revealed that Brits place more faith in empowering female personalities.

Split by non other than Brit favourite Golden Balls Becks, Jennifer and Emma – both famous for playing courageous on-screen heroines – were voted first and third, both ahead of Hollywoods leading men such as Sylvester Stallone, Idris Elba and Kevin Spacey.

The UK electorate believes that opinionated J-Law, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games franchise and who has previously spoken out on gender pay-gaps, has all the qualities of a great leader.

Responders of the ballot selected; honesty, being genuine, dedication, being inspiring, strong personality and being head-strong as her most valid qualities.

Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence has previously praised J-Law’s genuine qualities in the past and her success not changing her.

“Jennifer Lawrence is the same genuine actress she was when the series started,” he said.

Lionsgate UK spokesperson Ben Grunbaum also commented on the polls result: “Jennifer’s incredible skills for bringing to life and portraying strong, female characters mean she was the perfect choice to play Katniss and had delivered one of the most inspiring, empowering and iconic fictional female characters of all time.

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