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Jahangir Khanzada clinches victory in key polls of PP-16

ATTOCK: Jahangir Khanzada son of slain Punjab home minister Shuja Khanzada won the series of PP-16 constituency with the majority of votes 44238 while his competitor independent candidate Dr. Naeem Awan managed to get only 3938 votes.

Owing to the clear victory, PML-N leaders and a large number of activists thronged the residence of Khanzada at Shadi Khan village to congratulate him.

This is the 2nd time Independent candidate Dr. Naeem Awan faced defeat. He managed to collect only 999 votes as a PPP candidate in the 2013 general elections against Shuja Khanzada.

The voter turnout was very low. According to the report, 206693 people registered for the vote while only 50,000 managed to cast their vote. The polling time started from 8 am and procedure peacefully continued non-stop till 5 pm.

According to the district council commission 137 polling stations established in which 36 polling stations were declared sensitive. Rangers and police deployed for all the procedure and it remained peaceful throughout the proceeding.

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