Jackass’ star Steve-O arrested for climbing crane during SeaWorld protest

LOS ANGELES — Jackass star Steve-O was arrested for climbing a crane in Hollywood in a protest against SeaWorld that was chronicled out in real-time on his Facebook and Snapchat accounts.

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Stephen Glover, 41, drew dozens of emergency responders Sunday night to a construction site on Sunset Boulevard where he climbed a crane at least 100 feet high, Los Angeles police Lt. Michael Ling said.

When Glover reached the top, he inflated a large killer whale balloon with the words “Seaworld Sucks” on it and lit fireworks.

He later climbed down and was taken into custody — but not before using the Facebook Mentions app to stream live video from atop the crane. The 17-second video has been viewed more than seven million times.

Because the first responders were unsure whether Glover needed to be rescued, five ambulances, a helicopter and more than 80 firefighters were sent to the scene, Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart said.

She said resources were stretched thin when firefighters were called around the same time to rescue the operator of a harbor crane who was stricken with a medical emergency.

“Some of the resources on this hoax could have been devoted to a real emergency,” Stewart said.

Glover will be booked for investigation of several charges, including conspiracy to commit trespassing and filming without a permit.

Glover’s representative didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. A call to SeaWorld has not been returned.

He was cited last year for another protest against the theme park.

Glover said his protest was in response to controversy over the 2103 documentary Blackfish, which criticized SeaWorld’s treatment of killer whales.

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