ISS crew receives New Year delivery

A Russian cargo rocket carrying food and supplies has docked with the International Space Station – just in time for the New Year.It launched on Monday from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.The Progress 62P took two-days to arrive.It docked automatically.Once the crew completed leak checks, the hatches opened, and they unloaded the cargo.On Monday, British astronaut Tim Peake fixed a broken part to make sure the cargo could arrive safely.Image captionUS astronauts Scott Kelly and Tim Kopra carried out a spacewalk on MondayUS crew members Scott Kelly and Tim Kopra moved a “rail car” on the outside of the ISS a few inches away from the position where it had stalled.

Image captionTim Peake has been practising his photography skills – this image shows the Earth slipping from day into nightTim Peake arrived at the ISS on 15 December in a Soyuz spacecraft and is on board for six-months.He is the first UK astronaut to fly to the ISS.Image captionThe Progress craft launched on MondayAccording to the Russian Space Agency, the unmanned Progress cargo ship carried 2,436kg of supplies, including oxygen, water, and food.


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