Israeli jets hit targets in Gaza Strip

GAZA: Israel says its jets have hit two targets in the Gaza Strip.The targets were “Hamas weapon manufacturing facilities”, the Israeli military said, adding the strikes were in response to two rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel.A woman and her young daughter in a nearby house were killed during the air raid, Palestinian officials said.

In the West Bank, Israeli police say a Palestinian woman set off a bomb, killing herself۔She was stopped by police while driving on Sunday morning and “shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great) and detonated an explosive device,” a police spokeswoman said, adding that a policeman was slightly wounded.

“The IDF holds Hamas responsible for any act of aggression from the Gaza Strip,” said Israel Defense Forces’ spokesman Lt Col Peter Lerner in a statement following the air strikes early on Sunday.

As well as the two reported deaths, medical staff in the Zeitun sector south of Gaza City say three people are trapped in the rubble of the destroyed house.There have been weeks of tension over access to a site in East Jerusalem sacred to both Jews and Muslims.Palestinians fear Israel plans to change arrangements at the al-Aqsa mosque/Temple Mount compound, where Jews are allowed to visit but not allowed to pray – something Israel insists it will continue.

Earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed “deep concern” over the situation.He made separate phone calls to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.In his phone calls earlier Mr Kerry “stressed the importance of upholding the status quo in word and deed” at the site, the State Department said.He offered his support in efforts to restore calm, but both men blamed the other side for the rising violence

Mr Netanyahu “made it clear that he expects the PA (Palestinian Authority) to stop its wild and mendacious incitement, which is causing the current wave of terrorism.”Mr Abbas told Mr Kerry that Israel should stop settler “provocations”, which he said were carried out under Israeli army protection, his office said.


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