Israel-Palestinian violence flares in West Bank and Gaza

JERUSALEM: Fresh violence has erupted between Israel and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, leaving two Palestinians dead, Gaza medical sources say.Gaza’s health ministry said they were shot by Israeli troops during clashes near the border.In the West Bank, a Palestinian posing as a journalist stabbed and wounded a soldier before he was shot dead.

Violence between the two sides has spiralled, with near-daily stabbings by Palestinians of Israelis this month.Seven Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded in the stabbings and some gun attacks. At least 30 Palestinians, including several of the attackers, have been killed in the growing unrest.

The upsurge began last month when tensions at a flashpoint holy site in Jerusalem revered by Jews and Muslims boiled over amid rumours Israel planned to relax long-standing rules to strengthen Jewish rights at the complex. Israel has repeatedly denied such claims.

The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the upsurge of violence.


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