IS warns of revenge for Babri Masjid, Kashmir, Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar

The Islamic State has released a 22- minute video the other day wowing to avenge the Babri Masjid and killings of Muslims in Kashmir, Gujrat and Muzaffarnagar.

“We will return but with a sword in hand, to avenge the Babri Masjid, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, in Gujarat, and in Muzaffarnagar,” announced Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, an Indian origin engineering student who can be identified in the video.

“Muslims are not safe in India. New restrictions are being imposed and our freedom is being taken away,” he added.

“Have you forgotten the train bombings in Mumbai, or the bombings in Ahmedabad, and Surat, and Jaipur and Delhi,” he asks.

“We will avenge every atrocity committed against Muslims. Have you forgotten Bombay train serial blasts, have you forgotten Gujarat, have you forgotten Delhi. We will avenge everything,” said one of the Jihadis.

According to the report, the video also features several still-to-be-identified members, suspected to be one of the Indian Mujahideen, whose members are known to have been serving with Islamic State forces after breaking with their Pakistan-based leadership.

One of the Jihadis, speaking in English, also gave a stern warning to India and said either accept Islam, pay Jiziya (a medieval tax for non-believers of Islam) or prepared to be slaughtered.

“If the Indians claim themselves to be smart and intelligent, spending immense amounts of money in researching and trying to find out what we really want. Then I would like to let them know, that they have three options and they can choose one, they either accept Islam, pay jiziya and be prepared to be slaughtered,” he said.

The Jihadis also launched a tirade against the Indian Muslims for maintaining trade and social relations with the ‘infidels’.

They have has also criticised the Muslim politicians and clerics for compromising with a purported tyrannical system responsible for massacring Muslims.

Another sequence can be seen in the video where six men sitting together, singing a jihadist anthem and promising that a new dawn lies ahead.

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