Iranian twin warships deploys off Yemen coast in the Gulf of Aden

Tehran: Iran deployed 2 warships at off Yemen coast in the Gulf of Aden on Thursday. According to Tasnim news agency, the move made to establish army presence in waters off Yemen. Previously, the U.S. army initiated cruise missile strikes on Iran-funded Houthi militants held areas.

Tasnim reported that Iranian warships named Alvand and Bushehr have been sent to the Gulf of Aden to secure the trade ships from pirates.

U.S. officials said that missile strikes by the U.S. army were launched in response to foiled missile attacks on a U.S. Navy destroyer

Saudi Arabia, a key regional rivalof Iran, accused Tehran of funding the Houthis.

According to the statement of Tasnim, both Iranian ships will patrol the Gulf of Aden, south of Yemen, world’s important shipping hub.

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