iPhone 7 camera factories damaged in Japan earthquake

The release of the iPhone 7 could be delayed after a key supplier was hit by one of the recent earthquakes in Japan.Sony, which is the only provider of CMOS camera sensors for the iPhone, had two of its factories taken offline by a powerful earthquake that hit Japan’s manufacturing heartland of Kumamoto prefecture on Saturday, measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale.

According to  Morgan Stanley analyst Jasmine Lu said: “Sony plays an important role for both CMOS sensor and camera module for the upcoming iPhone 7.”

“By far, yield rate has been low for modules. Risks are rising for a possible delay in launch if Sony doesn’t resume normal operations in the near term.

“Sony has not made an announcement, so details are unclear, but if production equipment has been damaged, the possibility of a lengthy outage must be considered, given the nearly five-month lead time for CMOS lines,” Lu added.


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