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Investigations start as Saudi alleges Jeddah bomber was Pakistani

RIYADH: Pakistan has kicked off investigations in wake of Jeddah suicide blast which was believed to be carried out by a Pakistani citizen.

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday asked federal interior ministry and other concerning authorities to gather bio-data of suspected suicide bomber Abdullah Gulzar Khan.

It was not yet confirmed by Pakistani officials that Khan was Pakistani national.

Saudi interior ministry claimed that suspected suicide bomber who blew himself up early Monday near the American consulate in Saudi Arabia´s Red Sea city of Jeddah was a Pakistani citizen.

According to Saudi officials, the bomber was identified as Abdullah Gulzar Khan who moved to the Kingdom 12 years ago and was staying with his wife and in-laws in Jeddah.

Manzoorul Haq, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, declined to comment on the report.

Speaking to a private news channel, he said “I cant comment since it is merely news report…it is preliminary report and we will have to wait before making any comments”.He said Pakistan always stood by Saudi Arabia and will also do so in the future.

Pakistan strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia resulting in loss of lives and injuries.

Foreign Office Spokesman in a statement in Islamabad said the Government and people of Pakistan are in deep anguish over the tragedy and extend their heartfelt condolences to the brotherly government and people of Saudi Arabia over the loss of innocent lives.

He said our hearts go out to the bereaved families and we wish speedy recovery for the injured.

The spokesman expressed solidarity with the brotherly people of Saudi Arabia in this hour of grief and reiterate abiding commitment to the safety, security and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia.

He said Pakistan condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestation.

Earlier Saudi Arabia interior ministry reported that Monday’s first bombing near the US consulate in Jeddah, was carried out by a Pakistani resident, .

The suspect was later identified by the interior ministry as Abdullah Qalzar Khan, a 35-year-old private driver who had been living with his wife and her parents in Jeddah for 12 years.

Interior ministry spokesperson General Mansour al Turki had told state Al-Ekhbaria news channel that the bomber was closer to a mosque in the area than to the consulate.

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