Instagram begins rolling out two-step verification

Instagram will start-rolling out two-verification process for its users. According to a report the feature has been confirmed by Instagram and it will begin rolling out for users soon.

Essentially the two-step verification works like it does on any other platform. Once you activate it, Instagram will send a verification code to a phone number and once you put the code in, you’ll be able to access the account.

This will ensure that should someone get access to your password and email ID for Instagram, they won’t be able to log in.

It’s taken Instagram a long time to get this feature, and it is much needed. Instagram, which has 400 million users, also announced that it would support multiple accounts, something that was missing from the app.

Given how Instagram has spawned mini-celebrities, some boasting of millions of followers, the extra-security is much needed.  Hopefully the two-step verification feature will roll out to more users soon.


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