Indian team needs real bowlers: Shoaib Akhtar

MUMBAI: The former speed-gun said that off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is the only bowler in the whole squad of India that can strike.“There is no depth in the bowling attack,” said Akhtar.“Once Ashwin bowls his quota of four overs, there isn’t anyone who could run through opposition batsmen. They don’t even have the fast-bowlers to run through the batting line-up. Indian team’s drawback is fast bowling and the second spinner,” Akhtar told ABP News on India’s T20 series defeat against South Africa.

“With Mohammad Shami unfit and Umesh Yadave not selected, they didn’t have any inspiration. The Indian team, I believe needs to change their approach towards how they play T20 cricket and Dhoni should check the combinations that he is trying out. Ajinkya Rahane should play instead of Ambati Rayudu.”

Further commenting on Indian team’s performance and bowling potential, former superstar said that India should have played with three spinners in the ODIs to save themselves a chance of victory.“I believe they could have altered the timing of the matches which would have suited them and perhaps the result could have been different. I believe if they play three spinners during ODIs which is their strength, they would win the ODI series,” said Akhtar.

Not only players and their being utilization, Akhtar, who is famous for his blunt remarks, also reproached crowd’s attitude in Cuttack.“I can understand the anger amongst fans and I am not saying that it is not justified when your team plays that badly. But throwing bottles is no way to vent your anger. Indian cricket has an image and these kind of incidents send a very wrong message to the cricket community,” added the former fast-bowler.


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