Indian state actors involved in Pakistan terror incidents: Aziz

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz on Tuesday reiterated that Pakistan would raise Indian involvement in the terrorism-related activities on Pakistani soil at all the international forums and before the Obama administration.Responding to a number of queries in an interview with a private TV channel, the adviser said that Pakistan had taken the most effective measures against terrorism in the last two years and the international community gave credit to the present government. But contrary to this fact, the Indian side was repeating its old narrative and indulged in false propaganda against Pakistan, he added.

“We are talking about the involvement of state actors i.e, the Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Balochistan province, FATA and Karachi,” Sartaj said.Brushing aside false Indian allegations about non-state actors, the adviser categorically said that the majority of the incidents staged by the Indian side on its soil, proved fake.“Such statements cannot be accepted. They never shared evidences about such incidents,” he added.

Replying to another question, Sartaj Aziz said the Kashmir issue would be taken up with the Obama administration during the prime minister’s upcoming US visit. The US is a significant member of the international community while the Kashmir issue is becoming a ‘flashpoint’, he maintained.He said that the Indian government in occupied Kashmir was committing gross human rights violations and the international community should take notice of it. The adviser also regretted that the UN resolutions on Kashmir issue were not being implemented.He said the prime minister, during his UN General Assembly address, had presented four-point formula to ease tension between the two neighbours, but the Indian side did not respond positively.

The adviser linked such aggressiveness and bellicosity of the Modi government to its pre-elections campaigns of anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam policies.The suppressive and aggressive policies being pursued against the Muslim community in India had seen an upsurge, grieving the Muslims a lot, he said, adding that it was the result of overall policies adopted by the Modi government.He said that Pakistan wanted to tell the international community that the decision to resolve all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan on bilateral level under the Simla Agreement had reached to a dead end.

“The issue did not confine to the stalemate dialogue process but the repeated Line of Control (LoC) violations by the Indian side and a volley of hostile statements by the Indian government ministers, are the worrisome things about which the international community should take notice,” he stressed.

“We want to throw the ball in the court of international community to see what could be done under such circumstances,” he opined.About contents of the dossiers handed over to the UN general secretary regarding the Indian’s active involvement in terrorism-related incidents on Pakistan soil, Sartaj replied that these would be made public gradually and they were working upon it.


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