Indian Police imprison 150 spy pigeons in Occupied Kashmir

Police in Jammu city of Jammu and Kashmir state have taken more than 150 pigeons into custody reportedly being smuggled for the purpose of surveillance. Sachin Gupta, a police official, said the pigeons have been handed over Save Animals Value Environment (SAVE) – a non government organisation (NGO).

“During security checking at Vikram Chowk 150 pigeons were captured from a car, on the night of 6th October. The pigeons were crammed in a box brutally and were thirsty also.

Sachin Gupta told on Saturday (October 15), “Cruelty to Animal Act rescued the pigeons and handed them over to a NGO for their safe custody”.

However, SAVE NGO chairman wrote to Deputy Commissioner (DC) after rings on the talon of pigeons that hoisted doubts. “We became doubtful when we saw that some pigeons had rings of different colours in their claws.

Rings were in red, blue, green, white colours and a few were having double rings. Wings of maximum pigeons were clipped and half were having safety pins and were attached with thread,” said Namrata Hakhoo, an activist with the NGO. Meanwhile, the DC has ordered a probe into the issue. The birds would be released only after the investigation is completed, the police official said.

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