Indian nuclear missile tests pose serious threat to Pakistan: Sartaj Aziz

ISLAMABAD :During Senate session held on Thursday and convened by Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani, Advisor to the Prime Minister (PM) on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz explained the policy and said that India has stepped into a new race of weapons in the region while Pakistan has reservations and serious concerns regarding India s new nuclear missile tests which may lead to imbalance in the region, reported NEO News.

He said that India is affecting peace process in the region and that Pakistan is considering to highlight the issue in United Nation’s (UN) General Assembly. He said that Pakistan will present a resolution endorsing the Indian Ocean as a nuclear weapons-free region.Pakistan had invited India for negotiations over nuclear weapons but India did not respond positively to Pakistani invitation, he added.  Aziz said that India does not seem a responsible country and that Indian nuclear missile tests have posed a major threat for Pakistan and peace in the region.

Raza Rabbani expressed reservations over America’s U-turn over F-16s’ sale and said that Pakistan is a sovereign country and no country is allowed to intervene in Pakistan’s national issues. He added that Pakistan has extreme concerns over US State Department’s statement and that the US should be acknowledged of Pakistan’s concerns.Aziz said that 2393 Pakistanis have been stranded in Saudi Arabia while 64 of them had been accused of murder and 868 of them had been accused of drug smuggling. The prisoners have been detained in Riyadh and Jeddah, he added.He said that radical steps should be taken to bring those prisoners back who have completed their sentence. There are 22 hundred thousand Pakistanis currently working in Saudi Arabia, he added.


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