Indian Cricketer arrested for Rape Charges at Harare

Harare:An Indian cricket who has allegedly raped a Local Girl at the hotel where Indian Team is staying on its Tour to Zimbabwe.Indian team which is touring Zimbabwe had been defeated in a T20 before the incident.

Name of the Indian cricketer has not been disclosed but Sources have confirmed that an Indian cricketer is sitting behind the bars of a local Harare Police Station for rape charges.Harare Police chief has confirmed the arrest of the Indian cricketer.

Indian ambassador at Zimbabwe was quick to respond to the situation and was seen at the hotel.So far name of the Indian cricketer has not been confirmed.

In New Delhi Phone Number of all BCCI officials including the president Anurag are off and no official statement regarding the incident has been forwarded by any BCCI Official.

Indian Media known for its investigative reporting is preferring Gold over Silver and Silent over this sensitive matter.

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