India to court martial Loshali for spilling beans on sunk Pakistani boat

INDIA (Neo Web Desk): Indian Coastguard DIG B.K. Loshali who had contradicted the government’s version of events in connection with the interception of a Pakistani boat in January this year will face court-martial proceedings from September after being indicted by a Board of Inquiry , the Times of India reported on Friday.

According to the Indian newspaper, the board of inquiry was constituted after the Indian Coastguard found Loshali’s reply to the show cause notice ‘unsatisfactory’.

Loshali had stated that he ordered the the Pakistani boat to be blown up off the Porbandar coast.

“The BOI had called for strict action. The General Court Martial Proceedings against DIG B K Loshali will start in September,” a defence source was quoted by ToI.

In a video leaked on social media Loshali had stated that he ordered the boat to be blown up which was contrary to the official Indian version of events which claimed the boats crew had set their vessel ablaze.

Following the video leak, Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar as well as the Coastguard continued to maintain that the vessels crew had in fact “self-destructed” the vessel after being chased by the Indian Coastguard.


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