India should learn from our hospitality: Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Senator Pervaiz Rashid said Tuesday the prejudiced and narrow-minded approach of Shiv Sena towards former foreign minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri and publisher of his book in India, was worth condemnation.

He said Shiv Sena’s attitude has aggrieved humanity and notice has been taken of this act. He said Kasuri had gone to India for the launch of his book and he was the guest of that country.

Rashid said India should learn from Pakistan’s hospitality as we have always welcomed Indian sportsmen, poets, artists, and actors on our soil with open heart. “Our hospitality reflects that the people of Pakistan are peace loving and tolerant while the attitude of Shiv Sena was contrary to these traits,” the minister added.

He said recently several Indian personalities attended a Mushaira in Karachi and all were greeted with open hearts and arms. Moreover he said whenever Indian players won a match in Pakistan, Pakistani spectators applauded them.


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