India, Pakistan will restart composite dialogue: Sushma Sawaraj

Islamabad: Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Sawaraj said Pakistan and India will restart the composite dialogue process, Neo TV reported. “Both sides have agreed to start the negotiations afresh,” she told the press.Swaraj met Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Foreign advisor Sartaj Azeez earlier. “The meeting scheduled for half hour was extended to a complete hour,” media reported. “She delivered Indian PM Narendara Modi’s special message for PM Nawaz Sharif,” sources revealed. “Both sides have agreed to talk on all unresolved issues on the table,” Swaraj said.

In joint statement both sides have agreed to establish a constant communication on terrorism. “Both sides have condemn the terrorism and National security advisers of both sides will remain in constant contact,” the statement said. “Both sides have agreed to enhance the people to people contact,” statement added.”Issues to Kashmir, Siachen and Woler Barrage will be the main points of discussion in composite dialogue,” statement read. “Furthermore economic and trade relations will be discussed in detail between both sides.”


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