India, Pakistan to seek diplomatic solution to tensions: White House calls

WASHINGTON: Spokesperson for the White House, Josh Earnest has called for India and Pakistan on Saturday to resolve the outstanding issues on diplomatic level and not through coercive forces.

Earnest held a press conference in the United States capital and forwarded stance of the White House on a range of topics including Pakistan-India issues.

He said that talks would create an environment of peace and stability in the region. He observed that the two neighbours in the sub-continent have made key progress in this regard in the past few years and hoped that Pakistan and India would continue such efforts that were in favour of all the players of the region.

Analysts have maintained that Earnest avoided direct condemnation of terror attack in Uri Town of Baramulla but said that attacks, executed anywhere in the world were to be censured.

He answered a question about contact with Islamabad and New Delhi in the recent past to which he replied in negation and urged that the question be asked to the Department of the State.

Statement of the White House has come in a day after India moved ordnance and artillery to the Line of Control along the border with Pakistan.

Indian media and statements of experts in national defense and security glorified Narendra Modi’s meeting in the war room with chiefs of the armed forces and National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval before the movement was witnessed along the LoC.

Uri attack that was executed by four terrorists who entered Brigade Headquarters of Indian Army in Baramulla District of Kashmir valley, that India has been occupying with force for over seven decades in a pre-dawn move on September 18.

Indian authorities including the premier started spewing venom against Pakistan, wrongly alleging the country of sponsoring the terror attack on Indian soil.

India and Pakistan have had sore history ever since partition in 1947 and the two countries entered conflicts numerous times including 1965 and 1971 wars, Siachen issue and others.

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