India cannot deny Kashmiris right of self determinations, PM speech at Joint Session

Islamabad: India has always snubbed Kashmiris and have been ruling Indian valley with an iron fist. India took this case to U.N, and Kashmir has been a core issue of discussion at all international forums. International silence on this iron fist rule, denial of self-determination, and sledging of human rights in the valley by Indian Army has created an internal back lash among kashmiris. Burhan Wani killing has set fuel to the fire and Kashmir issue has resurfaced and resurrected. This has lead to cross border escalations.Kashmiris has a history of integral ties with Pakistan and in every hour of need they look upon us. Until this issue isn’t resolved there is no chance of any Pak – India bilateral ties.

Proper investigation on the violation of human rights by Indian State and Indian Army of the innocent Kashmiris should be carried out.UNGA must work to sort out Kashmir issue.Kashmiris right of self determination be given.I had myself contacted UN General Secretary, and UNHRC Head that Kashmiris are being subjected to worst State terrorism.International embassies has been contacted and taken into confidence. Pakistan ambassador to other countries are doing their best to raise the kashmir issue.Government has been working in full to raise voice for Kashmiris on all proper and relevant forums. 

India has violated the peace accord at LOC and Pak-India border resulting in two army personnel deaths. The aim was only to divert International attention from Kashmir crises. I want to send a clear message to India that Pakistani nation stand united and no one can look at us with an evil eye. I urge all parliamentarians to stand united, and forward us positive suggestions to carry out Kashmir issue.

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