Imran vows to make Azad Kashmir corruption free

PTI chief Imran Khan said that if country’s Prime Minister is corrupt, other officials including ‘Patwaris’ cannot be honest. Pakistan all debt can be paid if Rs 200 billion are brought back into the country. Corrupt rules have made us servants of big powers.

Addressing a huge gathering in Azad Kashmir, Mariyum Bibi claimed in 2012 they had no assets abroad but later on it was revealed in Panama Papers that Nawaz family owned 2 offshore companies. Imran Khan also urged the Kashmiri people avail this chance and get rid of corrupt leaders. “It is for sake of new Pakistan and new Kashmir,” he added.

“Iceland Prime Minister resigned soon after his name appeared in Panama Leaks but our PM is just telling us emotional stories,” he said adding “Nawaz Sharif’s front man sent Rs 33 million to him from the US.”

NAB would be independent in Azad Kashmir like National Audit Commission in UK, he added.

The PTI chief was hopeful for his party’s victory in the upcoming Azad Kashmir election. “This is the chance for the Azad Kashmir people to bring change,” he said.





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