Imran raises questions over Musharraf flying out to Dubai

Islamabad: Chairman Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has raised questions over Pervez Musharraf’s leaving the country.
While taking to journalists before leaving for India, he said “I am asking the prime minister why he let him go to Dubai. Why was he beating about the bush regarding article 6. How did he fall in Musharraf’s love?”
Answering a question, he said that I am going to India only to watch match between Pakistan and India and I don’t know about the presence of Tahir-ul- Qadir in India.
He said that Shahid Afridi has sought guidance from him about matches so I will go there and offer consultation to the Pakistan team. “It is a good decision to transfer the match from Dharamshala to Kolkata and the team has come out of external pressure,” he said.
Khan further said that the statement of Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister was deplorable and against the hospitality rules. “The main dispute between the two countries is Kashmir and peaceful solution of Kashmir issues is imperative for both countries,” he added. The PTI chief said that millions of Kashmiris have rendered sacrifices and we could not make friendship or trade with India by sweeping their sacrifices under the carpet.”

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